"life without theory"

At a young age, east Baltimore born rapper/singer/songwriter SHDW was immersed in a culture of creativity. Raised in a church choir where he was a frequent soloist, SHDW was destined for a life of musicianship.


Growing up and seeing family members, neighbors, and old friends succumb to the pressures of life in the hood, SHDW knew early on that he didn’t want to be regarded as simply a product of his environment. An avid fan of cartoons, comics, and the sci-fi/fantasy genre, SHDW got his start as a writer by watching his favorite shows/movies and creating character arcs for himself in the various fictional universes.


It didn’t take long for SHDW to turn to writing based on his life and Rap became cathartic for SHDW as he used the artform early on to release his frustrations from bullying. Years later, rapping and now singing remains cathartic for SHDW, who finds himself most comfortable and vulnerable when conversing with instrumentals.

SHDW believes in making honest music, music that is true to his character, his perspective as a college educated black man from the hood, music that is true to the times, music that is multi-dimensional, that heavily leans on the hip hop genre but isn’t confined to it. 

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